4 Jul, 2015

Top 4 show was accompanied by the well known Afghan patriotic Pashto singer “Latif Nangarhari” who was invited from overseas.  After a group song by the Superstar Contestants, Latif Nangarhari joined the show with a beautiful Pashto song (Sta Stergi Bala Wakhlem Janana). And he stayed with the Superstar show till the end with his positive comments on the performances of the contestants of superstar program. During this episode, Jamshid Sakhi was sitting on the golden chair which he got in last Friday’s episode by getting the highest points from the judges on his performance.


Following  Latif Nangarhari’s performance, Elyas Isar came on the Superstar stage singing (Jedayee Ay Jedayee) a song from the well known Afghan singer Amir ”jan Sabori” which could obtain 26 points from the judges and his performance was criticized by the Latif Nangarhari the special guest of the program. Subsequently, Sohrab Elyar had an Uzbaki performance a song from a local Afghan singer Chawosh, which was criticized by the judges and obtained 23 points which was the lowest scores in tonight’s show.


Thirdly, it was Jamshid Sakhi the owner of the golden chair to show his performance. He sang “Man Gharq Kheyale Tu” and got a total of 27 marks plus one star from the judges.


Finally, Omid Parsa was the last contestant who got on the stage with a song “En Fasel” and he received a total of 29 marks from the three judges which was the highest scores of tonight’s show entitling him to the golden chair until another contestant breaks his score record. And the show was ended with a second performance by Omid Parsa.


Watch the video below