17 Jul, 2015

Top 3 Elimination episode featured the result of public voting with the announcement of the final 2 contestants of the Superstar Season 2. In this show based on the public votes Sohrab Elyar was announced the eliminated contestant and the two other contestants (Omid Parsa and Elysa Isar) got the chance to compete for the final. 


During this episode, Farhad Ghafor a very famous Afghan singer was the special guest of the program and he performed a beautiful song with his own musical team. And he remained with the Superstar show till the end with his great comments on the performances of the contestants.


After the performance of the special guest of the program, the three contestants had their performances and got very good comments from both the judges and the special guest of the program (Farhad Ghafor).


The show was ended with a last performace by Sohrab Elyar.


Watch the video below