26 Jul, 2015

The moment we all had been waiting for so eagerly for the past 12 weeks, the winner, Superstar of Afghanistan, season 2, has finally arrived and was announced on the grand finale which took place on last Friday’s episode of Superstar Afghanistan 2015. Grand finale was an absolute show-Stopper featuring numerous special guests including Tahimina Arsalan, Seyar Walizada, Aryana Sayeed, Akbar Naikzad and Pamir Music Band; a traditional musical band from Badakhshan. TOLO TV’s most famous comedians, including Qasim Ibrahimi and Ibrahim Abed made the grand finale extra special and entertaining for the viewers with their irresistibly hilarious, side-splitting performances. 


First up, the Badakhshan musical band opened up the show with amazing Afghan traditional music, their performance was much appreciated and encouraged by the audience. Subsequently Arash Barez, the host of the program performed on a song and had his “moment” on the tonight’s show and the viewers went wild for it. Then all the three judges of the show performed a song together, composed by Vaheed Qasimi - what a special treat!


Tahmina Arsalan, one of the most highly anticipated performers of the night invited by the Superstar team from Sydney, Australia who performed ‘Rahm kon bar delem ke meskin ast’ such a catchy well-known song of the distinguished Afghan singer Ostaad Sarahang. Afterwards Seyar Walizada, the Superstar of the first season of Superstar Afghanistan took the stage and sang his very beautiful song (BaharAmad) totally amazed the audience. Followed by the much anticipated performances of this season’s finalists Omid Parsa and Elyas Isaar. 


Sohrab Elyar, Hesam Farzan, Shukran Khan and Nawab Najmi, four of the eliminated contestants of this season’s superstar gave a group performance and made the night even more special with their much appreciated presence as the audience got to see their familiar faces after quite sometime.


Subsequently, special guest Akbar Naikzad performed a Ghazal song, followed by Afghanistan’s diva, Aryana Sayeed who blew us away with one of her upcoming hits and further entertained the audience alongside comedian Qasim Ibrahimi.


Ultimately, Qais Ulfat, Obaid Juenda and Vaheed Qacemy, the judges of the show, also performed individually. Qais Ulfat sang his newly released, hit song ‘Nazigak’, Obaid Juenda sang his very famous and an absolute favorite ‘Mubrak Mubarak’ , Vaheed Qacemy performed ‘mesha dar baghe cheshmait beshnim’. That said, they all seemed to have a great time and sounded awesome.


After such an eventful and entertaining night, the dramatic, nail biting moment of announcing the winner had arrived. Aryana Sayeed was asked to do the honors, whom went on to announce Omid Parsa as the Superstar of Afghanistan for 2015. 


Watch the video below