20 Jul, 2015

Top 2 and the last episode of Superstar before the grand finale was a special Eid Show. The program begun with a special Eidi Music by Barbud musical team and the special guest ofthis show was a well known Afghan singer “Hafiz Wesal” who had two special performances with afghan traditional music. During this episode, Elyas Isar was sitting on the golden chair which he earnedlast Friday by getting the highest points from the judges on his performance.


Following Hafiz Wesal’s performance, Omid Parsa came on the stage with a sensational performance (Tu Mara Kardi Dewana) which was somehow criticized by the judges; however he got a very positive comment from the guest of the program “Hafiz Wesal” and secondly Elyas Isar sang a song (Dele Man Dar Awas Dedan Yar) which was followed by very positive feedbacks of the judges.


Subsequently, both contestants performed a beautiful duet as a gift for their fans which was a special Eidi song created by Vaheed Kacemy, the judge of the show.


The second performances of the contestants were for the judges in order to get points. Omid Parsa got 30 points from the judges on his performance. And Elyas Isar got 28 points on his performance. Consequently, Elyas Isar gave up the golden chair to Omid Parsa.


The program was ended with a repeat performance by Omid Parsa.


Watch the video below