The Superstar Captains, Judges & Host for Season 2

The popular singing reality game show arrives in Afghanistan brought to you by TOLO TV

Vaheed Kacemy

He spent his elementary, secondary and high educations in the Jankhan School, Naderiah High School, literature Faculty of Kabul University. He established a music group, Shine, in 1976 and started his career in pop music.

Arash Barez

Arash Barez was born on February 18, 1987. He spent his childhood and youth in Iran. He has attained higher education and has got a BA degree in economics from Herat University. Arash has learnt music academically and he has been involved with music for 10 years.

Obaid Juenda

The Talented Artist with Style & Passion for Music

Born on November 3rd 1975 in the beautiful city of Kunduz, Obaid and his family relocated to Kabul at the age of 7. After graduating from Amani High School, Obaid pursued higher education at University of Kabul in Law Faculty.

Qais Ulfat

Qais Ulfat, son of Ustad Ulfat Ahang was born in Kabul to a family with extensive musical background. As a result of the ongoing war in Afghanistan, Qais and his family were forced to abandon his birthplace and relocate to New Delhi, India.