3 Jul, 2015

On the top 5 Elimination show, Arash Barez the regular presenter was the first one who came on the stage in front of the audience, he introduced the special guest of the program “Sharif Sahel” an Afghan famous legendary superstar. Sharif Sahel began the show with his thrilling song (Shabe ke Toofan) and he remained with the Superstar show till the end with his constructive comments on the performances of the contestants of superstar program.


Following Sharif Sahel’s performance, Omid Parsa came on the stage performing (Komakam Kon) a song from Wahid Sarwar who is an Afghan Singer. Then we had a duet by Jamshid Sakhi and Shafiq Sorosh who sang a song (Neql o Sandli) from the very famous Afghan Singer “Amir Jan Saboor” which was followed by positive feedback from the judges and the guest of the program. The second duet was from Sohrab Elyar and Elyas Isar who performed a song (Baz Amadam) from the great Afghan Singer “Farhad Darya”.


At the end of the show the stars, the Judges and the audience were all waiting for the Top five result and the whole stage was quite stressed. The presenter asked the contestants on the stage, every star was afraid of getting eliminated this night and after all the stressfulness and fear, Shafiq Sorosh was announced the eliminated contestant and the show was ended by his last performance on the Superstar stage.


Watch the video below