27 Jun, 2015

Top 5 show of Superstar Afghanistan was broadcasted this Friday night on TOLO TV where all the 5 contestants were trying their best to get full points -30 from  all three judges for their performances in order to get the golden chair. During this episode, Shafiq Sorosh was sitting on the golden chair which he got in last Friday’s episode by getting the highest points from the judges on his performance.


The show started with a group song by all 5 contestants, Shafiq Sorosh, JamshidSakhi, OmidParsa, ElyasIsar and Sohrab Elyas singing (Shad konjan man ke) a song from the great Afghan Singer Sarahang. Subsequently, OmidParsa came on the stage and practiced a great song composed by him and got a total of 30 points from the judges.


The second contestant was Sohrab Elyar who sang an Uzabaki song and got 29 points from the judges. The third contestant, Elyas Israr performed a song (Amada Am Ta Sad Chaman) and obtained 29 points from the judges.


After Elyas Isar, it was Shafiq Sorosh, the owner of the golden chair on the stage performing a famous song from Ustad Sarahang, which was followed by criticism of the judges and got 23 points out of 30 and was the lowest score comparing it to other contestants.


Jamshid Sakhi sang a song of Ustad Sarahang with Afghan local music. He obtained 30 points  from the judges plus two stars which was the highest scores of tonight’s show entitling him to the golden chair until another contestant breaks his score record.


Watch the video below