20 Jun, 2015

This week’s show started with many changes. Members of two teams mixed into one team, role of the two captains was switched to judges and Vaheed Kacemy joined the show as a third judge. Contrary to the previous episodes, the contestants will be scored by all three judges based on their performances. Besides, the change of a golden chair was added to the show, this golden chair will be for the best performer of the week. Whoever scores the highest gets to win the chair. This cycle continues until another contestant breaks a higher score.


At the beginning of the show the new judge of the show Vaheed Kacemy performed a very old song which was his first work. Afterwards, Elyas Isar sang (Hai Qawme Ba Haj Rafta) which was followed by criticism of the judges and got 23 points out of 30. He said, he was happy with the points but he asked one of the judges to give the reasons for such a low turnout. The second contestant was Jamshid Sakhi who performed his song (Pir Man o Morade Man) and got 25 points out of 30 from the three judges.


Thirdly, it was Sohrab Elyar to show his performance. He sang “Asheq Shda Ye Ay Del” and he got 17 marks which was the lowest compared to other contestants. Omid Parsa was the fourth contestant who got on the stage with a song “Ze Ham Rahan Jedayee” from the greatest singer Ahmad Zaher and he received a total of 24 marks from the three judges.


Shafiq Sorosh who is the only contestant from Obaid Juenda’s team was the Fifth Singer in the show, he performed a song of Vaheed Kacemy (Beta Gar Tu Mara) and he got 25 marks which was the highest, so he got the golden chair. The show was concluded with a performance by Nawab Najmi and he got 22 marks from the judges.


Watch the video below