SuperStar Season 2 - Episode 24 - Grand Finale

26 Jul, 2015

The moment we all had been waiting for so eagerly for the past 12 weeks, the winner, Superstar of Afghanistan, season 2, has finally arrived and was announced on the grand finale which took place on last Friday’s episode of Superstar Afghanistan 2015.

18 May, 2015

SuperStar Season 2 - Episode 04 - Top 11

This week, on the top 11 show, all the stars had a more serious competition than last week and they all sang in their own style, which obtained both team captains’ consent; next week, it will be cl...

18 May, 2015

SuperStar Season 2 - Episode 03 - Elimination Show

During the top 12 result show one of the stars with the lowest number of votes should had been eliminated from the competition but Kambiz Haidari from Qais Ulfat’s team had to withdraw because of t...

11 May, 2015

SuperStar Season 2 - Episode 02 - Top 12

The performance show (Top 12) began between the teams and team captains, Obaid Juenda and Qais Ulfat, while the first song of the show was performed by the team captains pursued by the performances...

11 May, 2015

SuperStar Season 2 - Episode 01 - Talk Show

The first Episode of Super Star commenced with excitement and participation of top 12 stars from previous seasons of Afghan Star; the people also got more information about these stars. 

7 May, 2015

SuperStar premieres tonight!

Afghanistan's ultimate singing competition "SuperStar" launches tonight at 9:00pm on TOLO TV!
12 contestants have been chosen and will start competing against each other from tonight in order...

20 Apr, 2015

Superstar: Season 2 - Coming soon

The new reality television singing competition "Superstar" will premier on the 7th of May 2015 at 09:00pm.